UK’s Largest Construction Waste Recycling Plant opens in West Lothian

A massive recycling plant has been opened by Brewster Bros in Livingston (West Lothian) with the aim of eliminating landfill generated by construction as well as demolition waste.

The plant has a state-of-the-art wet processing system and will offer waste management services as well as recycled aggregates to builders, construction companies, concrete producers, civil workers, ground workers and utility contractors.

 The recycling centre has had investments of around £3.8m and is the largest in the UK with the capacity to recycle 400,000 tonnes of demolition, construction and excavation waste per year.

 One thing the recycling plant will do is processing and recycling soils and rubble collected by a fleet of lorries run by Brewster Bros and turning them into things like sand and gravel. This process has the added bonus of helping to reduce waste disposal costs for customers of the plant while improving the level of waste recovery. The wet processing system mentioned earlier was designed for the specific purpose of processing difficult waste materials from construction and demolition and optimising the recovery of material.

“Through significant investment into state-of-the-art recycling techniques provided by the plant supplier CDE, we are looking forward to shaping the future of the recycling industry across Scotland and beyond. This new plant should act as a game-changer for the construction industry, by saving money for our customers and ensuring they can dispose of their construction and demolition waste in a cost-effective and sustainable way.”
Scott Brewster, Director at Brewster Bros

All materials recycled at the plant will have a UKAS accredited quality certification as well as conforming to all requirements for the BREEAM Sustainability Assessment Method for Construction.


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