Homeowners: how to make a claim

If you are in the unfortunate position of having a problem with your new home, this page describes the section of cover that may apply to you. Please note not all policies contain the same sections of cover.

If you need more information on our claims process, you can check out our blog on how the claims process works.

Sections of cover

Cover before completion

If your developer fails to start or complete work on your home due to their insolvency or fraud, contact our claims team immediately.

Defects insurance period

Typically one or two years (if provided) – check your certificate. During this period the developer is responsible for rectifying any defects (deemed to be a failure to comply with our Technical Manual).

Structural insurance period

After the defects period (if provided) and for the remainder of the policy duration – check your certificate. During the structural insurance period our policy protects you from structural defects, which although rare, can be costly to rectify.

Need more information on our claims process?

Check out our blog article where we walk you through 'How our claims process works'.
Claims process

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