Meet your LABC Warranty account manager

All LABC Warranty customers benefit from a dedicated account manager, a single point of contact to help you with your project. It’s time to meet the team.

Please refer to our sales map to determine the region of your postcode.


North of England and North Wales

Gary Wilson (Business Development Manager)


Gary Wilson Headshot

Mid Wales, Midlands and East of England

Ian Clarke (Business Development Manager)


Ian Clarke

South West and South Wales

Liam May (Business Development Manager)


Liam May headshot Business Development Manager

South East

Craig Ewles (Business Development Manager)


Craig Ewles

Greater London Team

Julian Roper (LABC Regional Sales Director, London)


Julian Roper

Greater London Team

Robert Warrington (Key Account Manager for London)


Rob Warrington

Greater London Team

Ylyssa Usher (Key Account Associate for London)


Ylyssa Usher

10 units or fewer per year - Any region in England or Wales

Lesley Graves

0800 183 1755 

Lesley Graves - 10 units or less

10 units or fewer per year - Any region in England or Wales

Jodie Gardiner

0800 183 1755  

Jodie Gardiner

Don't know what region your postcode sits in?

If you want to know which account manager covers your area based on your postcode, please refer to our sales map.
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