LABC Warranty system acceptance

Are you a manufacturer of innovative systems?

If you are a manufacturer of innovative systems, find out more about warranty acceptance by emailing

LABC Warranty system acceptance does not constitute a third party product approval from a UKAS accredited testing body or any form of building regulation approval. The LABC Warranty acceptance is purely to recognise that the system can meet our warranty requirements and must not be considered to be anything else.

Interior Of Warehouse With Prefabricated Container Houses And Forklift Truck

Are you looking to use innovative systems on your site?

Developers and builders need to ensure any systems used on site are accepted by us in line with our Technical Manual’s requirements, as part of our warranty application process.

If you are looking to use systems, we can help. Our dedicated and experienced Innovations Team can provide guidance on the suitability of systems before you start on site. Get peace of mind that the construction approach you wish to take will be acceptable for our warranty cover.

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