Under MIDI cover, damage caused by inherent defects will be repaired, or the cost of repairing, replacing or rectifying affected equipment will be met, subject to the terms of your policy.



How MIDI mechanical and electrical cover benefits you

LABC Warranty insurance with MIDI cover gives you the convenience of structural, mechanical and electrical inherent defect cover in one policy.


Examples of MIDI cover in action

Here are a few examples where MIDI would provide cover for inherent defects of mechanical and electrical systems:


Lift breakdown

A serious electrical fault caused a lift failure. The exact fault could not be identified which resulted in the replacement of the control panel and wiring.

Claim cost: £30,000

Air conditioning breakdown

An air conditioning unit consisting of one large external unit and twenty indoor units suddenly failed. An electrical fault was identified within the solenoid box and PCB controller. Repairs were made to get the air conditioning back operational.

Claim cost: £2,100

Boiler breakdown

Smoke emitting from a boiler room, was identified as failure of components within a sectional boiler. Two defects were identified (electrical failure of the PCB and failure of four tie bars). Both failures required repair.

Claim cost: £20,500 


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