Find out who won The Bricks in 2024

Celebrating the best and brightest sites up and down England and Wales, The Bricks are among the most sought-after awards in the UK.

Read on to find out which developers are picking up a Brick this year.

Meet The Bricks winners 2024

Who won The Bricks in 2024

Winners are recognised not just for the quality of the houses they produce, but the quality of site management that goes into producing those homes.

Health and safety, communication, and even the tidiness of a site are graded across a twelve month period by LABC Warranty’s risk management surveyors.

“The Bricks is one of the hardest prizes to win as a builder and site manager,” said Sarah Dee-Shapland, Technical Director at LABC Warranty. “It requires site managers and their teams to work constantly to uphold quality, safety, and workmanship across all the plots under their care.

“Winning a Brick also requires the buy-in of builders to support their site managers, backing them to put together teams and contractors to deliver great homes on great sites.

“I’d like to offer my congratulations to the Bricks winners this year, they should all be proud of the incredible work they’ve done on their sites.”


The Bricks winners in 2024

1-10 North

Site name: Keekle Meadows

Developer: High Grange Developments

Judges’ notes: A serial Bricks finalist, this site is part of what helps High Grange put together a reputation for quality in the area.

All operatives on site are employed directly, and High Grange’s owner is the site manager. High Grange themselves a family business, they’ve kept standards high for years on this site.
The site is well-maintained, a wonderful site with excellent finishes and management.

1-10 South

Site name: Cordelia Gardens

Developer: Penwood Developments / Meadow View Contractors

Judges’ notes: The people who build these houses buy these houses, because they’re that good. The site manager pays great attention to detail to workmanship and demands the highest spec everywhere.

The quality is phenomenal, the homes are truly bespoke, putting extra work into areas like accessibility for buyers with limited sight by installation special lights.

11-50 North

Site name: Acresford Park

Developer: Walton Homes

Judge’s notes: A well-presented, aesthetically pleasing site. Well managed, tidy, and with subtle decorative brickwork showing a high level of care.

The site manager documented everything on the site for the future reference of risk management surveyors, showing excellent communication and organisation. 
The quality of workmanship was good, with particular emphasis on the quality of joinery and bricklaying on display.

11-50 South

Site name: Woodwinds

Developer: Walton Homes

Judges’ notes: LABC Warranty judges noted that the site was aesthetically pleasing, well maintainted, and of a high quality.

Of particular note is that the site manager from Walton Homes’ other winning site, Acresford Park, swapped roles with the site manager of Woodwinds.

This allowed the respective site managers to share good practice, deploy their skills on a new site, and learn from each other’s work.

51-100 North

Site name: Primrose Grove

Developer: Bellway Homes (East)

Judges’ notes: On the outside of the homes, the quality of brickwork and detailing was noted, along with their good and care attention to installation elements like cavity trays.

On the inside, cable management, pipe management, and the quality of bathroom finishes were highlighted for their quality.

Good health and safety provisions and protections of works was also noted by the judges.

51-100 South

Site name: St Michaels Park Phase 2B

Developer: Morris Homes (East)

Judges’ notes: The site manager’s openness to improvement was noted, with risk survey managers noting that they could see improvements on the site on their subsequent visits.
A very good site, and a clean site, St Michaels Park is noted for the legacy of trades who have consistently worked on the site for its history, producing very high quality homes.

100+ North

Site name: Houghton Grange

Developer: Shelbourne Estates

Judges’ notes: Judges were impressed by the quality of the brickwork on this site, and with the overall standard of site management displayed by the Morris team.

The quality of the communication with LABC Warranty is high, labelling of areas like pipework is good, and everything inside the homes is to a high quality.

100+ South

Site name: Hubsbury Grange

Developer: Shelbourne Estates

Judges’ notes: LABC Warranty’s surveyors were impressed by the protection of the standing elements of the site, preventing possibly costly repairs and delays with proper protection of areas like gas membranes form the elements.

The site manager and associated parties also showed excellent cooperation with visiting sureyors, keeping excellent records to demonstrate progress and showing implementation when offered guidance.

Social development of the year

Site name: Miller Road

Developer: Seddon Construction

Judge’s notes: Built on the site of a former hospital, Miller Road (also known as The Meadows) has impressed judges with its dedication of safety.

Contractors on the site maintained full PPE adherence alongside directly-employed staff, gated access was observed at key crossings alongside signage at all important junctions.

In addition, proper staircase access to scaffolding, excellent labelling of elements on site, clearly signposted call points and meeting points were observed – evidence of time and care taken to produce a quality site.

On top of that, the homes themselves are attractive, with great work going into their construction.


Multi-storey development of the year

Site name: Boston Road

Developer: Higgins Partnerships

Judges' notes: Across three blocks, the Boston Road development boasts a combination of private sale, shared ownership, affordable housing, and commercial opportunities centred on a ‘village square’ design. Judges have been impressed by the quality of build and site management on display for years now.


Highly commended sites for 2024

Builders, site managers and sites which, while not winning a Brick this year, deserve a special mention.

1-10 North

Parklands, by MH Stainton Homes Limited

Cotton Gardens, by Brother Developments Limited / B & E Boys Ltd

1-10 South

McArthur Gardens, by A R Cartwright (Construction) Ltd

11-50 North

Southlands Grange, by Yorvik Homes Limited

Harriers Rest, by Allison Homes Ltd

Broadacre, by Morris Homes (North) Ltd

Hampton Water, by Morris Homes (Eastern) Limited

51-100 North

Abbey Central , by Peveril Homes Limited


Seaford Road, by Kellen Homes

Millbeck Grange, by Persimmon Homes Ltd

Social housing

Moorgate, by P. Casey & Co. Limited / Casey Group


How the Bricks are picked

Every month, LABC Warranty’s risk management surveyors visit sites and grade them against a criteria of safety, communication, tidiness and more.

The highest-performing sites they visit are then nominated for a monthly Site Recognition Award, celebrating their great work.

The technical experts at LABC Warranty meet and hammer out the annual Bricks winners from that year’s pool of Site Recognition Award winners.

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Please Note: Every care was taken to ensure the information in this article was correct at the time of publication. Any written guidance provided does not replace the reader’s professional judgement and any construction project should comply with the relevant Building Regulations or applicable technical standards. However, for the most up to date LABC Warranty technical guidance please refer to your Risk Management Surveyor and the latest version of the LABC Warranty Technical Manual.

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