House building in the North in 2022 with Mike Tottle

As the year draws to a close, LABC Warranty is asking our account managers to reflect on the year that’s just been, and cast their minds ahead to what they think might happen in 2023.

In this edition we speak to Mike Tottle, who represents LABC Warranty in the North.

Reflections on 2022 with Mike Tottle

What were the biggest trends you noticed for homebuilding in the North for 2022?

Certainly in North Wales, there has been a change towards this Passivhaus method of construction. Many of the housing associations across North Wales and England have to have a certain percentage of their new builds to involve an element of modular construction.

In Wales, Passivhaus meets all the ideal U-Values and the speed that these houses go up is quite impressive.


Which developments are you most proud of supporting in 2022?              

We are proceeding with a couple of flagship projects in Salford and Burnley respectively which have attracted much local and national interest.

The Salford scheme is for 182 units using lightweight steel, and is being built by Seddon Construction.

The scheme in Burnley is on the site of a former hospital, which will be turned into 93 new dwellings for the over 50’s and most vulnerable, with an added element of commercial.

We have also started a development with Kellen Homes, which has put 450 units with us within 3 month with another 500 planned for Q1 next year.


What do you think you’ll see/do more of in 2023?

Difficult to say with the recession looming. With the help to buy scheme finishing, I can see a push in shared ownership units and general social housing stock outweighing units for open market.


What do you think you’ll see/do less of in 2023?

I think outside the top 20 housebuilders we will see a fall in open market sale schemes through the core housebuilders


What are the common topics you discuss with LABC Warranty clients?

I have carried out presentations directly to housing associations providing them with data on the most common types of claims, which to me shows that they’re looking to get more involved in their structural warranties instead of leaving it to a contractor. I’ve also been having a lot of conversations around road and sewer bonds.


What’s your biggest concern about 2023?

With the cost of materials increasing, and house prices due to freeze and possibly drop, developers may see an impact on profit margins that drives them to cut costs in some areas.


What are you most optimistic or excited for in the North for homebuilding in 2023?

I can see a shift in perspective with the LABC Warranty brand, and with the help of the local authorities I am optimistic that we will see an increase in High Rise and Major Projects throughout the North.


Speak to LABC Warranty about 2023 today

To make the most of home building in 2023, speak to LABC Warranty today. If you’re in the North, Mike Tottle is your contact.

For other areas, the LABC Warranty account manager for your area can be found here.


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