There’s no doubt about it: interior renovations can be a costly business - whether that’s from a homeowner’s or a builder’s perspective. This means that, wherever possible, it’s important that a home’s build and aesthetic should stand the test of time so that extensive updates aren’t needed on an annual basis - but how easy is it to achieve a timeless interior?

In today’s post, we are offering a glimpse at the materials, layouts and styles that remain bang on trend no matter how much time has passed.

Constructing for the Future: Designing Timeless Interiors

Weigh up materials



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While an interior’s palette of furnishings will naturally switch out over the seasons, it’s the material elements of a home that stick around for the longest - think worktops and flooring. It therefore pays to make sure that each of these crucial aspects won’t need to be replaced in the near future, in favour of trend-led or more practical alternatives.

The best materials for this tend to be natural. Wood, stone and, in some cases, metals, are all ideal for designing an interior that stays aesthetically pleasing for decades to come - thanks to innately long-lasting properties and an enduring appearance.

Homebuilders have utilised these materials for centuries - and we don’t see this changing any time soon. As the trend amongst homeowners moves firmly towards organic and uncluttered spaces, and with the environment outside calling ever more for a reconnection to our roots, we would expect demand for natural, sustainable building materials to grow - particularly here in the UK. Whether it’s neutral granite worktops or rich oak flooring, it’s worthwhile casting your mind ahead to what future residents might be looking for when it comes to their new home.


Draw up a dynamic floor plan

The ebb and flow of a home’s residents moves beyond simple practicality - the layout of an interior will, ultimately, dictate social interactions, too. Earlier this century, open-plan living was all the rage, creating an ongoing legacy that to be open-plan is to be contemporary, and anything besides this is outdated. However, a countermovement is becoming increasingly vocal within design circles, praising ‘closed’ plans and the practicality they can offer.

In the end, it all boils down to the needs of those who live under the roof - one person’s benefit might be another’s burden - but to create a naturally more livable environment in the long term, it makes sense to make its layout as dynamic as possible from the get-go.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that either open or closed living plans offer the best solution for builders, but perhaps a combination of the two would appeal to the majority of would-be buyers. Pairing open and closed spaces could offer a flexible, mixed solution that appeals to many homeowners; think a large, primary social space for entertaining and a separate, closed-off kitchen area.


Practicality over aesthetics

If you are setting out to design an ageless interior, you should put practicality at the forefront of your scheme. People don’t just want something that looks good, they want something that feels good, too - and that’s something that the construction and interior design industries are attuning to more and more. This isn’t born out of taste alone - it’s also a matter of necessity. Homes are becoming increasingly expensive which, in turn, means that they’re becoming smaller. In fact, new homes are, on average, now smaller than they were in the 1930s.



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This means that aspects like storage should play a central role so that the space available is utilised to its absolute maximum. Of course, it’s important that a space remains visually appealing, but this should not take precedent over practical considerations. For a complete interior fit-out, make use of the latest in smart storage solutions. Drawers, racks, multi-functional cupboards, shelves and cabinets will allow the future homeowner to keep their belongings out of the main living areas - therefore freeing up space and preventing over cluttering.

With space at a premium, anything you can do to expand the living area will hugely benefit both the buyer and the seller - increasing the property’s appeal across the board. Combined with a long-lasting style that blends a neutral colour scheme with natural materials and a dynamic floor plan, you have the recipe for success when it comes to creating an interior that stands the test of time.

Author bio

Sophie Armstrong is a content creator for granite and quartz worktop specialists Burlington Granite, who provide a full bespoke worktop solution by offering templating, cutting, polishing and fitting, all driven by 25 years of industry experience.

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