What will our homes be like in 100 years’ time? Will we be able to control the TV with just our mind? Or will there be robots doing the dishes?

Instead of asking the experts, we asked school children age 4-11 to draw what they think homes will look like in the future and the results were very surprising!  

Underwater House, Luis aged 11.

Underwater House isn't built on land because of rising sea-levels. It is built to be impenetrable so it can withstand the strength of the water. Underwater House helps with overcrowding on earth and means that we don’t have to knock down any trees.

Eco House, Noah aged 8.

The Eco House is a water-powered house that is surrounded by trees. Nearby, it has 3 super-eco train stations that are powered by electric. The Eco House has its own telephone pole outside.

Bubble House, Freya aged 8. 

The Bubble House floats high in the air. It is attached to a very strong string to keep it attached to the earth. The Bubble House has a button which you can press to make the house go up and down if you want to go outside.

My House, Freddy aged 5. 

My House has a vegetable patch on the roof to grow things. It also has its own wind turbine for energy. My house also recycles water and a parking space for an electric flying car.

Another Planet House, Christopher aged 9. 

This house is on a planet where people travel around on animals. You use your handprint to get into the house. There is an elephant that works in the kitchen. There is a seat-lift, conveyor belt, and escalators between rooms. The post is delivered by Postman Pete and the rubbish goes through a chute to the rubbish robot.

Hypnotising House, Molly aged 6.  

UFO House, Kevin aged 6. 

The UFO house can fly, immerse and float. It is a moveable house due to global warming.

Robot House, Caitlin aged 10.

Everyone sleeps in special, extra comfy beds on the wall. Chairs, tables and pet beds hover. The TV has a special arm to put drinks on. Robots cook, serve food and do the hair and makeup in the morning. There is a rare plant called the plug-rose. The pet cats have wings. The child has her own floating cloud to fly and her own vlogging channel. You can get a lift upstairs and there are travelators between each room.

Multi-coloured House, Noah aged 4. 

The house is multi-coloured, with a chimney and windows that can move around so that everyone can see different things outside. It is someone’s birthday so there are yellow and pink balloons.

 Gravity House, Leo aged 9. 

This house is a planet, and you get around using rockets. The house has a face scanner next to the door. Inside there is a gravity machine and a portal to get upstairs.


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