If you are buying a new home how do you know you are getting a quality product? How do you know you will get good service from the developer once you complete? In truth, quite often, you don’t! The newly established New Homes Review looks to change this. 

As one of the partners of the New Homes Review we take a look at why it has been established and how it will work.

What is the New Homes Review?

The New Homes Review (NHR) www.newhomesreview.com is a new, independent survey of buyers of newly built homes. The NHR will provide a unique, independent insight into the quality of new homes and the level of customer satisfaction, based on feedback directly from the home owner.

The survey itself is undertaken by an independent research agency, Zebra Square, liaising directly with new home owners.

The survey will also be used to provide a rating for new home builders to help good quality builders be recognised by home buyers more easily.

This rating will be based on a selection of questions included in the NHR survey. Unlike other industry ratings this will be available for small, medium and large developers, meaning that quality can be recognised in all sizes of developer and it will based on a broad section of questions.

Why has the New Homes Review been established?

Earlier this year the All Parliamentary Party Group for Excellence in the Built Environment published a report on the new homes market. The findings of this report are summarised in our blog article “10 important recommendations to help build quality new homes according to APPG report.” 

One of the key recommendations of this report was that annual customer satisfaction surveys should be more independent…which is exactly what the NHR aims to do.

The NHR rating system also encourages high standards across the industry regardless of the size of the developer.

The NHR commented “We are excited to launch an independent initiative which will benefit both new home buyers and builders alike. The report will provide a unique insight into the house building sector improving the information available to potential buyers and allowing quality developers to stand out from the crowd. The first New Home Review annual report will be published in 2017.”

The survey results are used for the NHR annual rating and monthly reporting shared with developers and builders as a measure of customer satisfaction as part of the service offered by structural warranty partners Premier Guarantee and LABC Warranty.

Paula Higgins, CEO of HomeOwners Alliance, says "We welcome any initiative that gives buyers of new homes independent information to help them pick the developer that is right for them. Homebuyers should be able to choose their new home based on quality of build and the developers aftercare service rather than just on glossy brochures and discount offers. We hope the survey will help house builders deliver better homes that meet the needs and expectations of their customers."

Check out the NHR website at www.newhomesreview.com to find out more.

By Craig Ross

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