Self Build Warranty

Do I need a structural or home warranty for self-build projects?

The LABC Self-Build warranty has been designed specifically for individuals building their own homes to live in as a main place of residence.

Unlike a professional consultant's certificate (sometimes known as an architect's certificate), the LABC Self Build Warranty provides 10 years of cover for damage to your home caused by any defects in the design, workmanship, materials or components of the structure or the waterproof envelope.

In addition to this protection, an LABC Self Build Warranty also provides the following benefits:

First party protection
If you have employed a builder to construct the property,  in the event of a defect occurring you will be covered by the Builder Liability Period for the first 12 months of the insurance period.  This means that the builder is responsible for rectifying any defects that may occur within this time period.

Raising finance
If you are looking to raise finance for your project, LABC Warranty is recognised by all leading UK bank's and building societies and we can provide the paperwork required for stage payments.

By using LABC Warranty you will benefit from a risk based inspection service with technical advice throughout your build. Our partnership with LABC also means that you will be able to work with surveyors who have local knowledge and experience of your area.

What's more, the LABC Self Build Warranty is accepted by the majority of lenders, making it easier for you to secure finance. Once complete you will then have the security and reassurance of a warranty backed by 'A' rated global insurers.

If you are building or converting a residential development to sell, our New Homes Warranty is for you.

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