Which Cities Have The Smallest Houses?

Which Cities Have The Smallest Houses? (New Data)

Everybody has different preferences when it comes to building or buying a home. The ideal home may depend on budget, the number of bedrooms, whether or not it has a garden or the size and type of the property. But where will you find the smallest rooms and houses in the UK?

By using data we have collected on room sizes, we determined that the average size of rooms in UK houses, based on the 20 major cities we have analysed, is as follows:

Average size of rooms in UK homes

With this in mind, we wanted to delve deeper to determine which cities have the smallest rooms in the UK. We also looked at how much the largest and smallest room would cost by multiplying the room size by the cost per square meter in the relevant city.

The UK House Price Index Summary for April 2018 states that the average cost of a house in the UK is £226,996, which suggests that the average cost per square meter is £3395.60. Therefore, we wanted to see how these 20 UK cities compared in relation to the national average.

The full methodology is at the bottom of the article.

The Smallest Living Room

The living room is usually the largest room in the house. 

Our data has revealed that the UK city with the smallest living room is Sheffield at 15.047m², (costing an around £33,156.95), whilst Oxford offers over 7m² of additional floor space, (costing around £132,507.97).

However, the additional space offered in Oxford will cost you almost £100,000 more than it would in Sheffield as houses are over 3 times more expensive on average.

Key stats on living rooms

UK city with the smallest living room is Sheffield

UK city with the largest living room is Oxford

The Smallest Kitchen

Kitchen size differs greatly, with some being almost twice as big as others, and it is usually the third largest room in the home. 

Our analysis shows that homes in Bristol have the smallest kitchens in the UK at 7.677m2, (costing around £32,898.22). Meanwhile, homes in Belfast were found to have the largest kitchens at almost twice the size, (costing an average of £24,230.18).

Surprisingly, you would pay around £9000 more for a kitchen in Bristol, than you would in Belfast, despite the smaller size.

Key stats on kitchens 

UK city with smallest kitchen is Bristol

UK city with the largest kitchen is Belfast

The Smallest Bedroom

The master bedroom is the largest bedroom in the house, and is sometimes located in the loft, or has an en-suite. 

The city with the most bedrooms in the average home is Oxford with 3.3 bedrooms in a semi-detached home, whilst Glasgow has the least number of bedrooms with an average of 1.9 in an apartment.

If you require a larger master bedroom, the city with the biggest bedrooms is Bournemouth at 15.752m2, whilst Belfast has the smallest master bedroom at 11.673m2 on average, (costing around £21,861.1). However, a larger bedroom in Bournemouth will cost over 3 times more than the average master bedroom in Belfast at around £65,100.43.

Key stats on master bedrooms

UK city with the smallest master bedroom is Belfast

UK city with the largest bedroom is Bournemouth

The Smallest Bathroom

Although some houses contain a toilet downstairs or in an outbuilding, most homes have a family sized bathroom upstairs.

When space is limited, some homes only have a shower or a bath with shower fixture, depending on the size of the room.

If you require more space, homes in Oxford have the largest bathrooms with an average of 5.818m², (costing around £34,487.4). Whereas bathrooms in Southampton were the smallest at an average size of 3.699m², (costing around £12,707.8).

Although bathrooms in Oxford are bigger by over 2m², a bathroom this size is almost 3 times more expensive than it is in Southampton.

Key stats about bathrooms 

UK city with the smallest bathroom is Southampton

UK city with the largest bathroom is Oxford

The likelihood of having a garden

Finally, we found that 100% of homes in Belfast had a garden or shared garden, making this the most likely city to get a garden with your home. Whereas Aberdeen was the least likely place to get a garden with your home with only 35% of properties having a garden or shared garden.

UK city least likely to have a garden is Aberdeen

UK city most likely to have a garden is Belfast

This is probably closely related to the fact that the most popular housing type in Belfast is a semi-detached house, where you would usually benefit from a garden. In comparison, the most popular housing type in Aberdeen was an apartment or flat, where you wouldn’t usually have a garden.

Overall house size

By combining the measured rooms, we have considered which cities have the largest and smallest houses. Overall, we found that the average size of UK houses differs by as much as 10m² which, in some cases, can be the size of an additional room in the home.

Our analysis of 20 major UK cities has revealed that Sheffield has the smallest homes in the UK. Meanwhile, we found that Cambridge has the largest homes.

Please refer to the graph below to see Britain’s smallest houses, ranked from smallest to largest.

UK cities with the smallest houses from smallest to largest

Please bear in mind that our overall analysis is of private housing and does not include the hallway, stairs or any additional rooms.

Data & Methodology

To determine which cities had the smallest houses, we used Rightmove and Zoopla to find housing floor plans in each city. We took the average price of a home and searched for properties £20,000 above and below the average price. We also filtered our search within a 5-mile radius of the city centre.

We then worked out the area in meters squared of the master bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom. Additionally, we noted down the number of bedrooms per property, the property type and whether or not they had a garden.

Once we had collected all of the data, we calculated the average size of each room and the average house size in each area. We also worked out the average cost per square meter in relation to the average house price in each area.

To calculate the percentage of properties with a garden in each city, we scored properties with a shared garden as 5, properties with their own garden as 10 and properties with no garden as 0.




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