Recognising Quality


We share your passion for building quality homes that people are proud to live in, which is why giving you the recognition you deserve for going the extra mile is important to us. Our awards recognise the best developers, builders, contractors and housing associations in the country for their exceptional work, providing them with fantastic exposure in the construction industry. Our 'Behind the Build' awards distinguish individuals behind the scenes who are vital to your construction project who may not always get the recognition they deserve, as well as those local authorities whose support for the warranty scheme has been invaluable.

Our annual awards bring the very best of developers from around the country together for an exclusive awards ceremony unlike any other. Most industry awards are predictable black tie events, but not ours! Instead, we make every effort to impress and make it a celebration to remember!


Throughout the year we reward site managers for their hard work, demonstrating exceptional site management and workmanship. This prestigious accolade positions site managers as being the best in the industry, providing fantastic exposure not only for the site manager, but also for the team and company.