Terms and conditions of use of the Foundation Depth Calculator

  1. This Foundation Depth Calculator is for use by customers of LABC Warranty in connection with a warranted building project.  LABC Warranty will not be liable for persons using the calculator for any non-warranty purposes or projects not covered by the warranty as:
  • LABC Warranty will not be carrying out warranty inspections so cannot verify the data input.
  • The calculator is provided as a means to meet the Functional Requirements of the LABC Warranty Technical manual only and has no liability for any other non-warranted applications.

  1. Where people are using the LABC Warranty and the Foundation Depth Calculator is used:
  • It must only be used to determine suitable foundation depths in cohesive soils where trees are present; and
  • The warranty provider accepts no liability where foundation depths have been determined from third party information until this is verified by the Site Audit Surveyor; and
  • The persons carrying out excavation works must ensure an adequate health and safety risk assessment is undertaken where persons are working in and around foundation excavations.