Number of units: 350

Features: Spectacular waterfront homes just minutes from a lively, progressive city centre. 

How did you feel when you found out you had won the award?

I was surprised and pleased to learn that I had been nominated for the regional site manager awards but didn’t think any more of it until Ben and Patrick visited site and announced that I was the regional winner.  I was shocked and elated to hear the news that I’d won!


What does it mean to you personally?

To be awarded regional site manager of the year is an incredible achievement personally.  I work to the best of my ability in every aspect of my role, so this award is demonstrating to me that the effort I make is worth it.


What does it mean for your team / business?

Both my team and the wider business have shown great support upon hearing of my award and are pleased for me.  The award is a demonstration that our business strives to achieve and in doing so produces a quality product.


What makes a good Site Manager?

A good site manager needs to be relatable in all aspects of their role.  They need to understand others to ensure they are maximising every potential as this generates productivity, high standards of health and safety and the very best quality in workmanship.  By communicating well, a site manager will be able to coordinate a project efficiently and effectively.  


What challenges have you faced, like COVID, supply issues, the economy, and how have you overcome them?

Over the past 24 - 36 months, we have noticed various material and labour shortages, dependant of the period and point in time of the project but we have forward planned both as a site team and company to ensure materials and labour shortage are reduced to a minimum.  

Throughout the past year, we have noticed tremendous increases in material prices which have created a great deal of pressure on our procurement process however again, with forward planning we can minimise this impact.  


What one success in your work are you most proud of and why?

I am proud to create a positive working environment for both my colleagues and workforce which is not only safe but enjoyable.  I believe that by creating positivity and respect, you are more likely to provide a tidy, clean, safe and happy workplace that will encourage everyone to want to join our team and help produce a quality product and brand.    


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