The House That Jack Built



Jack had initially started out like most home buyers, scanning the property market for the right home. Unfortunately after 2 years of looking he still couldn’t find anything he wanted to buy so decided that in order to get his dream home he would have to build it from scratch.

Jack has a background of building but mainly worked on larger commercial builds. After 5 years of doing this he felt the need for change and decided to start his own self-build project.

Case study - Jack Wiltshire

Embarking on a self-build project can be a huge challenge but extremely rewarding when you end up with a truly unique home.

We talk to self-builder, Jack Wiltshire, to see what he had to say about his self-build project.

What's the key to a successful self-build?

“I wanted something completely individual and completely me and the only way I was going to achieve that was to build my own house.”

According to Jack, the toughest part of any self-build project is finding the perfect place to build your dream home. Once you’ve managed to find the right plot in the right location the next step is to get your warranty in place.

“There’s a lot to take on when you start a self-build and it’s just helping you across the way and giving you some really basic direction. For me it’s all about the practical knowledge and the respect which my surveyor and myself have for each other.”

Although it can be difficult Jack believes there is nothing more rewarding than a self-build so if you are looking to get started on your own self-build project make sure you check out our top tips.