M H Stainton has been trading as a limited company for over 19 years but founder and Director, Mike Stainton first started as a contractor in the industry over 33 years ago!

M H Stainton have had great success with LABC awards and scooped the big prize at The Bricks 2017, being crowned ‘Overall Developer of the Year’.


Download M H Stainton case study

Case study - MH Stainton

We speak to Mike Stainton, Director at MH Stainton to hear how they have distinguished themselves from their competitors.

What's the key to MH Stainton's award success?

"It’s attention to detail on anything in build, and it’s the time and the passion put in that creates the developments we build."

“I think it’s a passion for the construction industry. I picked a trowel up at 16 years old and I’ve still got that same passion now. You can’t lose that passion and if you haven’t got passion you won’t produce the quality of product in any walk of life.

We’re a development company run by builders, not a development company run by accountants. It’s not all about money, it’s about quality. To take a site from a green field to winning a national award is one of the best feelings in the world to be perfectly honest.

Winning The Bricks award is a fantastic achievement for us as a small company from Lancaster, being recognised nationally, especially by LABC Warranty. It just gives recognition for all the hard work you put in.”


Download M H Stainton case study