Cyden Homes are a family run company developing homes across the whole of greater Lincolnshire.

With 8 outlets and 4 new developments in the pipeline, reputation and keeping their customers happy is paramount to their success.

Their latest development PAR 3 consists of 120 individually designed homes with public open spaces and established trees.


Download Cyden Homes case study

Case study - Cyden Homes

We spoke to Peter Bond, Sales Director from Cyden Homes about their latest development, PAR 3 at Humberston to understand how they keep the customer at the forefront of everything they do.


What makes Cyden Homes different?

"Not only is the design important but also the quality and assurance that the house is being built the way it should be. That’s where we come in!"

“Many people these days buy houses when they are under construction and one of the key issues is that they don’t trust the developer to deliver what they promised on the plan. It’s the trust and confidence that people have in an independent body to check drawings and make sure their house is being built as per those drawings. Then offer the warranty which is a 10 year structural protection plus 2 years initial defects protection that gives them that confidence to purchase the house in the first place.”

Like most builders time is of the utmost important to Cyden Homes and anything that can be done to meet tight deadlines is greatly appreciated. That includes site inspections because although Cyden Homes want to build quality homes they also need to get the right balance in terms of completing the build on time and on budget.


Download Cyden Homes case study