Bloor Homes are a national house builder with 7 regional offices across the UK. They have been building homes since 1969 and pride themselves on building quality homes that people want to live in. The customer is central to everything Bloor do and as a result over 93% of their customers would recommend them to their friends and family.

Bloor recently took home three awards at The Bricks 2019 for their developments at Standish Grange and Longwood Fields as well as the award for Overall Developer of the Year.

Case study - Bloor Homes

We spoke to three Site Managers from Bloor to discover what's important to them when working on one of their developments and what it means to win an award.

What helps Bloor to achieve great customer satisfaction?

“I think I can speak for most site managers that we would only build something that we would be proud to live in ourselves.” Mick Rose - Site Manager, Bloor Homes

What is critical to Bloor's success is having everyone within the team striving towards the same goal i.e. customer satisfaction. They view LABC Warranty as part of the team and value their technical knowledge whether it is through the technical manual which is a good reference point that they use on a daily basis, especially with their subcontractors, or the advice provided by their surveyors.

"If anything escapes me my inspector will always see it and point it out and between the two of us we can come to a solution", Mick Rose, Site Manager. Mick has owned two Bloor Homes and believes "if it's good enough for me, it's good enough for any of our customers."

Winning an award from LABC Warranty is important to Bloor because it shows that they pride what they do and when the customer is happy as well it makes it all worthwhile.