LABC Warranty New Homes Survey

The LABC Warranty New Homes Survey is your chance to give feedback on the quality of your new home.

LABC Warranty New Homes Surveys are sent on behalf of the builder or developer that built your home, and gather crucial feedback from you about the quality of new-build, or newly-converted, homes. 

What to expect

About eight weeks after the completion date of your home, your survey will arrive.

If you shared your email address with your developer, expect to see an email inviting you to submit your survey online. If you did not share an email address with your developer, expect to see your survey arrive in the post.

What to do

Once you receive your survey, all that’s required is to submit your answers. Digital surveys are submitted through the online portal linked in your email, and paper surveys are returned through a pre-paid envelope provided with the survey.

To make sure your feedback arrives in time to be used for data, we ask that you complete your survey within 12 weeks of receipt.

Why your feedback matters

Your feedback is passed on to the developer that built your new home (don’t worry, you can submit answers anonymously if you would prefer), as well as being collated and independently verified.

Follow this, the Home Builder Federation uses the feedback to assign HBF Star Ratings to builders, and to offer the home building trade insight into what home buyers think of their homes.

Ready to get started?

If you have already received a poastal invite to complete an LABC Warranty New Homes Survey in the post, follow the link below to complete your survey.

Please note - if you have received you New Homes Survey invite via email, please use the link supplied in that email. 


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Contact us about the New Homes Survey

If you have any questions about the HBF Star Rating or the LABC Warranty New Homes Survey, get in touch with us using the form below.