Beginner's guide to reading construction drawings


1 day


David Eaton, Senior Technical Development Co-Ordinator

Course contents

This one-day beginners’ course gives attendees an ability to read and interpret construction drawings through a day of interactive learning.

During the course of the session, attendees will learn about the different types of drawing, hatching, scales, and how to take the right information from a drawing.

The delegates will get interactive with a package of drawings such as:

  • Location plans
  • Sections
  • Ground floor/first floor plans
  • Elevation drawings

Your LABC Warranty trainer will also allow delegated time to familiarise themselves with construction drawings, and to start to draw and sketch some basic symbols, shapes, and lines. These will be used in a group discussion to drive home understanding of construction drawings and buildings.


Ideal for

Employees in customer service roles, non-technical roles, graduates, or administrators.

Course availability and pricing

Bespoke to your company, delivered at a venue of your choice

£1,395 + VAT

Maximum 12 delegates

About your instructor

David Eaton, Senior Technical Development

David Eaton has been teaching in the construction sector for more than twenty years, having started his career as a joiner and carpenter.

Since 2017, David has moved into technical training, working with internal and external staff to raise standards in construction.


David Eaton - LABC Warranty Technical Academy - Training


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