Pre-plaster and pre-handover snagging


1 day


David Eaton, Senior Technical Development Co-Ordinator

Course contents

Delivered partly on-site and partly in-classroom, this course equips staff with the knowledge of what to look for when conduction a pre-handover, and pre-plaster inspection.

A robust understanding of these inspection processes will lead to improved standards on site, and demonstrate what “good” sites look like at this stage of the building process.

Throughout the sessions, your LABC Warranty trainer will offer delegates guidance on how to prepare for a pre-plaster and pre-handover inspection, and how to ensure handover inspections are completed effectively. 

Part one - visiting a suitable pre-plaster and pre-handover site

Attendees will visit a site and carry out two inspections of a property at pre-plaster and pre-handover stage.

The purpose of the visit is to identify what to look for at the pre-handover and pre-plaster stages, aiming to show the delegates what LABC Warranty's surveyors look for to ensure a positive outcome at this stage of building a home.  

Your LABC Warranty trainer will observe and take pictures of the two stages, which will be reviewed and discussed in the second part of the one-day session.

Part two - Travel to a venue to discuss findings

Following the site visits, the session will be taken to a suitable nearby training or meeting room to discuss the findings in the first session. Particular attention will be paid to whether the images taken comply with LABC Warranty's Technical Manual standards, helping learners identify non-compliant work. 

As the guidance in the Technical Manual is based on real-world claims history, understanding how to achieve the standards laid out in the manual makes it more likely that pre-plaster and pre-handover stages are completed smoothly. 

All attendees will discuss:

  • What "good" looks like at pre-plaster.
  • The barriers to delivering high-quality homes at handover.
  • What can be done to remove/manage any barriers, and develop a personal action plan for what will be done differently after the training course.
  • What will be fed back to the company.


Ideal for

This course is ideal for Site Managers, Finishing Foremen, Trainee and Assistant Site Manager, and others involved in the pre-plaster and handover process.

To ensure leaners enjoy the full benefit of the course, we recommend that any attendees have some experience with the pre-plaster and handover snagging process.

Course availability and Pricing

Bespoke to your company, at a venue of your choice

£1,395 + VAT

Maximum 12 delegates

About your instructor

David Eaton, Senior Technical Development

David Eaton has been teaching in the construction sector for more than twenty years, having started his career as a joiner and carpenter.

Since 2017, David has moved into technical training, working with internal and external staff to raise standards in construction.


David Eaton - LABC Warranty Technical Academy - Training


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