Building to LABC Warranty Standards


3 days


David Eaton, Senior Technical Development Co-Ordinator

Course contents

This course focuses on the build process, aiming to equip delegates with an understanding of the LABC Warranty Technical Manual, and common construction issues that lead to defects and claims.

Delegates will also learn about the main areas that generate claims, the costs associated with claims, and gain awareness of the standards laid out in the Technical Manual.

Spread over three days, learners can attend on consecutive days or attend one day a week for three weeks.

While LABC Warranty recommends in-person attendance for the best learning experience, digital sessions are available.


Ideal for

  • Site managers
  • Assistant site managers
  • Trainee site managers
  • Construction contracts managers
  • Clerks of works

Course availability and Pricing

1. Bespoke to your company, delivered in your offices

£3,450 + VAT

Maximum 16 delegates

2. Bespoke to your company, at a venue provided by LABC Warranty

£4,485 + VAT

Maximum 16 delegates

3. Bespoke to your company, delivered digitally over Zoom or Teams

£3,810 + VAT

Maximum 20 delegates

4. Open attendance, delivered at a venue of LABC Warranty’s choice

£297 + VAT per delegate

About your instructor

David Eaton, Senior Technical Development

David Eaton has been teaching in the construction sector for more than twenty years, having started his career as a joiner and carpenter.

Since 2017, David has moved into technical training, working with internal and external staff to raise standards in construction.


David Eaton - LABC Warranty Technical Academy - Training


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