LABC Warranty Code Update FAQS

Adhering to a home-building Code of Practice: what’s changed?

One of the benefits of your registration with LABC Warranty is that it automatically gives you membership of the Consumer Code for Home Builders (CCHB). Membership of the code provides your buyers with additional protection through an independent dispute service.

Recently an alternative consumer code, independent of LABC Warranty, has been launched. The New Homes Quality Code (NHQC) is a voluntary code of practice giving buyers access to redress through their appointed New Homes Ombudsman.

Our terms of registration are being updated to reflect this change.

It remains a requirement of our warranty service that you adhere to a code of practice: either through membership of the CCHB or via “active” registration with the NHQC. Builders and developers are free to choose which codes they wish to comply with. You are under no obligation to switch codes.

What is the Consumer Code for Home Builders?

The CCHB has been in place since 2010 and LABC Warranty was a founder member. It applies to over 95% of new-build homes in the UK. Consumer complaints about breaches of the Code are managed through a government-sponsored contact centre.

The CCHB is independently accredited by the government-approved Consumer Codes Approval Scheme, administered by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. More information can be found on the CCHB website.

What support does the CCHB provide for developers?

The CCHB provides a programme of training, assessment, and support to encourage continuous improvements in customer service. It also provides a fully-independent and government-approved Alternative Dispute Resolution Service.

LABC Warranty customers can also take advantage of free marketing materials that promote the benefits of the code to residents and building users.

What does membership of the CCHB cost me?

A fee for the CCHB is included on each new home registered with LABC Warranty. If you choose to move from the CCHB to the NHQC this fee will be removed.

What is the New Homes Quality Code?

The NHQC is a new voluntary Code operated by The New Homes Quality Board. It is independent of LABC Warranty and other warranty providers.

Developers can register with the Board, prepare to adopt the code and then “activate” their registration on an agreed date, from when they are required to adhere to the code’s rules. More information can be found on the New Homes Quality Board website.

What support does the NHQC provide for developers?

Prior to full activation, NHQC developers will receive training and marketing materials direct from the New Homes Quality Board. As the NHQC is completely independent of LABC Warranty, we cannot provide training nor marketing support. Please contact the Board or visit their website.

What does membership of the NHQC cost?

Membership of the NHQC is paid directly to the New Homes Quality Board in advance – details of fees can be seen here.

If I choose to switch to the NHQC, what should I do?

When applying for warranty, please contact your Account Manager and inform them of your intentions so that we can support you.

We will continue to charge CCHB fees until your switch to the NHQC has been completed and verified. We will advise you in more detail at the time.

Want to download a copy of the code update FAQs?

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