Completed Housing Warranty

Our Completed Housing warranty is designed to cover completed properties which do not already have the benefit of a structural warranty and require this for finance purposes or simply peace of mind.

Applications are considered on a case by case basis and properties must be less than 10 years old. The policy provides protection for the balance of the 10 years after completion; so for example, if you require cover on a property completed 3 years ago, the policy would provide protection for the next 7 years.

Take a look below to learn more about what our Completed Warranty includes and how we can help with your project.

Insurance Product Information Documents (IPIDs) summarise what is covered by our policies, making it easier for homebuyers to compare providers and quickly understand the cover available. View the completed housing IPIDs here.


10 years
Cover Period - Up to 10 years from completion
Up to £750,000
Financial Limits -
New Build: £750,000
Conversions: £350,000
Excess - £1,000

Cover Included:

Mechanical and Electrical Inherent Defects  (The balance of 5 years after completion)

Additional Costs / Fees  (The balance of 10 years after completion)

Alternative Accommodation (The balance of 10 years after completion)

Removal of Debris  (The balance of 10 years after completion)

for security and peace of mind

How to apply for a LABC Warranty

You can get a quote by completing our online application form. To complete the application we’ll need to know a few important things, such as – project location, number of units, the estimated sale value and your developments start and end dates. Our insurance boffins can then crunch all the numbers and give you a quote.


Why choose LABC Warranty?

With an LABC Warranty you can focus on your property development without any worries, knowing that your investment is covered. All our policies are underwritten by ‘A’ rated insurers which means you and your buyers are protected now, and for the next ten years. Banks and building societies know and trust us, which means it’s easier for your buyers to get mortgages with an LABC Warranty in place. Plus, as a founding member of the Consumer Code for Homebuilders, our warranty gives your buyers extra comfort and it gives you access to the LABC network that includes over 3000 building surveyors and the experience that goes with it.




Self Builders

We work with you to help build your dream home. Our self-build warranty provides security, peace of mind and can be used to secure finance from lenders.

Housing Associations

We provide a range of structural warranties for providers of social or affordable housing designed to protect assets and deliver high quality housing.

Home Owners

Our LABC Warranty protects your new home from structural damage that may occur during the first ten years after your home is completed.