Looking for construction awards in 2019? Here’s how to get nominated for The Bricks

The Bricks industry awards are different. Unlike many other awards, most categories in The Bricks are put forward by our Risk Management Surveyors, using their experience and understanding of projects while carrying out their inspection work for LABC Warranty. By the end of April, they will have formed their development shortlists ready for the prestigious final later this year.

This approach to nominations helps make the awards party a truly exclusive event. Much care and attention goes into creating a stand-out and decadent experience that deserving finalists will talk about for years to come. Best of all, our awards hold significant standing within the industry and allow you to promote to the world just how good you really are.

If you missed out in 2018, don’t worry because behind the scenes, your development might already be in consideration for 2019. Read about the winners of The Bricks 2018 here.

The Bricks Awards 2018

How do The Bricks awards work?

Although shortlisted developments are chosen by our surveyors, there are two categories in which you are invited to put forward nominations. The table below lists all the categories and how nominations are made. Note that only those developments registered with LABC Warranty are eligible for nomination, providing they meet the criteria listed here:


Entry Criteria


Single Development of the Year

Most stages available for judging to include finishes


Apartment blocks and commercial developments must be at least 50% completed


Nominations considered are for total site sizes and may include different warranty policy types


A development that has won in two consecutive years will not be eligible for nomination the following year

Closed: Shortlisted by LABC Warranty

Development of the Year (2-10 units)

Closed: Shortlisted by LABC Warranty

Development of the Year (11-50 units)

Closed: Shortlisted by LABC Warranty

Development of the Year (more than 50 units)

Closed: Shortlisted by LABC Warranty

Social Housing Development of the Year

Closed: Shortlisted by LABC Warranty

Multi-Storey Development of the Year (over 7 storeys)

Closed: Shortlisted by LABC Warranty

Conversion / Refurbishment Development of the Year

A conversion will be considered as a change of use whereas a refurbishment retains the same use.

Closed: Shortlisted by LABC Warranty

Overall Developer of the Year

Must be an LABC Warranty customer

Closed: Shortlisted by LABC Warranty

Behind The Build Awards: Unsung Hero, an employee or colleague that shows tremendous commitment

Must be an employee of an LABC Warranty customer

Open: Submit your free nomination here

Behind The Build Awards: Rising Star, a graduate, trainee or apprentice showing huge skill and promise

Open: Submit your free nomination here

Behind The Build Awards: Bricks and Mortar Partnership

Open only to local authorities partnered with the LABC network

Open: Local authorities submit their building control team here

How to get your development shortlisted for The Bricks 2019

LABC Warranty Risk Management Surveyors are responsible for nominating sites that they visit as part of their role. So all you need to do is make sure everything you do is carried out to the highest standards and, where possible, add in the extras that can really make your company and your development stand out against the competition. There are several key areas our surveyors consider when putting a nomination forward, each scored against set criteria. These include:

  • Foundations
  • Substructure
  • Super Structure
  • Roofs
  • First Fix
  • Second fix
  • Finishes
  • External works
  • Site Organisation

If you think your site is worthy of an award and it meets the criteria above, make sure you mention it to your LABC Warranty Risk Management Surveyor. Be quick, though, as nominations will close in April.

Keekle Meadows Winners 2018

Keekle Meadows by High Grange Developments Ltd, Development of the Year North (11-50 units), 2018

Behind the Build Awards: Nominate your Unsung Hero or Rising Star

Unlike the Development and Developer of the Year categories, we invite LABC Warranty customers to nominate colleagues or employees for two categories, Unsung Hero and Rising Star.

For Unsung Hero, we are looking for an employee or colleague who goes above and beyond the call of duty. They are reliable, skilled in their role and bring a positive, can-do attitude to the workplace.

Your Rising Star is a graduate, trainee or apprentice who shows commitment to their professional development. They are dedicated to delivering high levels of skills and service and demonstrate a willingness to learn.

Use this simple online form to nominate you Rising Star or Unsung Hero.

Karen Campbell, Unsung Hero

Karen Campbell from Jessup Brothers Ltd, Unsung Hero of the Year 2018

What about the Bricks and Mortar Award?

We partner with LABC, a national network of building control teams who help us provide a streamlined service of expertise across England and Wales. To show our appreciation and recognise the importance of our partnership with Local Authorities, this award recognises the building control team that go above and beyond in supporting the warranty scheme and ensuring our partnership is successful.

Local authorities can download our brochure and are invited to nominate their building control team via this simple online form.

London Borough of Haringey, Bricks and Mortar winner 2018

London Borough of Haringey, Bricks and Mortar winner 2018

When will we know who and what have made the shortlists?

Nominations and finalists are announced later in the summer, as the timetable below shows:

  • September - April: Warranty Risk Management Surveyors submit nominations
  • May - June: Nominations are verified by Warranty Regional Managers
  • July - August: Nominees are announced and judges visit nominated sites
  • September: Finalists are announced and invited to The Bricks award celebration. External judging day with industry experts
  • October / November: Winners announced at The Bricks award celebration

Good luck! We hope to see you at The Bricks later this year!

  • We also reward site managers for their exceptional contribution to construction via our annual Site Manager Awards. Again, nominations are provided through our site surveyors but you can read more about the awards here


Please Note: Every care was taken to ensure the information in this article was correct at the time of publication. Any written guidance provided does not replace the reader’s professional judgement and any construction project should comply with the relevant Building Regulations or applicable technical standards. However, for the most up to date LABC Warranty technical guidance please refer to your Risk Management Surveyor and the latest version of the LABC Warranty technical manual.


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