We recognise site managers who achieve the highest standards in house building for their outstanding contribution and vision for quality in construction with The Site Manager Award. Demonstrating exceptional site management and workmanship, this award provides fantastic exposure not only for the site manager, but also for the associated developer or contractor.

Through our partnership with LABC our Site Manager Award is presented at each of the 15 regional LABC award events. The winners from each region then go forward to secure a place at the LABC Grand Finals where the National Site Manager of the Year is crowned.

The winner of The National Site Manager of the Year 2017 goes to:
Nick Schofield from Bloor Homes North West

All you need to know

LABC Warranty Risk Management Surveyors are responsible for nominating site managers against a set criteria, so you don’t need to do anything.  If however, you would like to put forward a site manager for consideration then speak to your Warranty Risk Management Surveyor.

The nomination process:

September - January: Warranty Risk Management Surveyors submit nominations.

February - March: Nominations are verified by Warranty Regional Surveying Managers and site manager regional finalists are selected.

April - July:  Site manager regional finalists are invited to the LABC awards. Each regional winner becomes a national finalist at the LABC Grand Finals.

September - October: Warranty judges review national site manager finalists.

November: The National Site Manager of the Year is revealed at the LABC Grand Finals. 

 The following rules apply:

Rule 1: Nominated site managers must have a minimum of three units on site.

Rule 2: Sites must have at least one unit past the second fix stage at the time of judging.

Rule 3: Sites must have the Building Control function carried out by the region in which the nomination is made.

Rule 4: If one or more site managers are responsible for construction areas, e.g. shell and core, and fit out, both can be considered for an award providing the quality is good across the build.

Rule 5: Nominated sites must be covered by an LABC Warranty and have been inspected across most stages of the build by LABC Warranty Risk Management Surveyors.

Rule 6: A site manager who has won in two consecutive years, will not be eligible for a nomination the following year.

Have any questions? Please email or speak to our awards team on 0800 183 1755

Each site manager is scored against the same robust assessment and marking sheet, detailing pre-set criteria relating to the quality of build at different key stages and on-site management functions. These include:

  • Site administration
  • Health and safety welfare facilities
  • Storage and protection of materials
  • Waste control
  • Protection of work in progress
  • Site tidiness


What are the judges looking for?

Site managers must display a range of skills reflecting their on-site management and workmanship including the below:

  • Well organised, demonstrating planned processes and good safety procedures.
  • Technical compliance and management of site issues.
  • Maintaining a clean and tidy site.
  • Leadership skills and forward thinking.
  • Assertive but fair, which is apparent and can be assessed by the culture on site.
  • Good attention to detail


What makes a winning site manager?

What sets the winning site manager above the rest is their vision for quality and going that extra mile. Often their attributes portray that 'good enough' is simply not acceptable so they look to improve on their successes and always strive for perfection. Being thorough in their workmanship will also enhance their chance of winning an LABC Warranty award.

We know that winning an award means a lot to our site managers. It’s a personal accomplishment evidencing quality build in construction and a commendation to the assisted site team, so why not make the most of your success? Here’s how you can:

  • Issue a press release about your award winning achievement
  • Celebrate with a site party, invite local press and photographers
  • Use our award winning promotional materials to your advantage

LABC Warranty will provide a range of support tools to help you with your promotion. These will include logos, press release templates, promotion on our website and in our newsletters and marketing literature.