The Bricks recognises and rewards the exceptional work of developers, builders, contractors and housing associations who go the extra mile to deliver quality in construction. Not forgetting the hard work and dedication of individuals behind the scenes also involved in the development projects. The LABC Warranty Bricks award holds significant standing within the industry allowing developers of all sizes to proclaim loudly to the world just how good they really are. Winning The Bricks award is a great opportunity to showcase the quality of your work, build your brand and earn the recognition you deserve. Don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of our award winning developers below and watch the event highlights from previous years.

The Bricks Site Recognition Award Winners

These developments have been awarded a Site Recognition Award for high standards of construction and site management.

March Winners

J W Stratton Limited

Sovereign Harbour North

Brindle Homes Limited

Withnell Hall

Bloor Homes Limited

Wistaston Brook

Morris Homes Limited

St. Andrews Park

Riva Homes

Oxford Meadows

Bede and Cuthbert Developments Ltd / BRIMS Construction Ltd

Gullane Close

All you need to know

Developers who consistently achieve a high average rating for their development will be recognised with a Site Recognition Award. Our LABC Warranty Risk Management Surveyors will determine a developer’s rating during their site inspection visits, where scores are based on the following elements of the build process:

- General Cooperation
- Health & Safety
- Site Tidiness
- Standard of Site Management*
- Standard of Workmanship*

* A higher score in these areas will have a greater impact on the average score.

Developments put forward are ratified by our Head of Technical Operations and a Site Recognition Award is provided each month to those who have achieved a consistently high average rating. Throughout the year, developers who achieve the highest ratings across all elements of the build process will be in the running to receive The Bricks prestigious award trophy.

LABC Warranty Risk Management Surveyors are responsible for scoring developments during their site inspection visits based on certain elements of the build process and providing developments meet the following criteria:

1: A site can only be put forward for an award once in any 6 month period.

2: Plots on a site must be at least first floor level to be considered for an award.

3: All apartment blocks and commercial developments must be at least 50% completed.

4: Developments of all sizes (excluding self-builds) can be considered providing it is covered by LABC Warranty and it has been inspected across most stages of the build by LABC Warranty Risk Management Surveyors.

We know your reputation for building high quality homes that keep your homeowners and tenants happy is important to you. LABC Warranty can help build your brand, showcase your work and earn the recognition you deserve.

How can winning The Bricks award benefit your business?

- Showcases the quality of your work 

Increases awareness of your brand

- Interest from the local media/press about your award winning development 

- Helps to develop your competitive edge in the construction industry

- Attracts potential home buyers and tenants helping you to sell homes

- Improves team morale by recognising their hard work

We can help to promote your award by providing you with award winning logos to put on your website and email signatures, award flags for your development as well as using our social media and PR pack to extend the reach of your success online.

What do we look for on site?

Each development that is scored on site should display a high standard in technical competency and build quality as well as:

- Good site management and leadership
- Compliance with technical standards
- Permanent supervision on site
- A high level of organisational and customer service skills shown by site/project managers

Check out our video series of what we look for on site at key stages of the build.

What makes a winning site?

Consistency and quality of work must be evident across all trades and build stages. Exceptional standards adopted throughout the build process as well as good management, attention to detail and ensuring a safe site throughout are all key tips to securing your win.

Behind the build

Bricks and mortar