At LABC Warranty we believe in raising the standard of construction and giving you the recognition you deserve for building high quality homes that make your homeowners and tenants proud to call home. The Bricks recognises the very best developments, construction practices and workmanship throughout the year and rewards the exceptional work of developers, builders, contractors and housing associations who go the extra mile to deliver quality in construction.

The Bricks annual award winners of 2020

The Bricks Site Recognition Monthly Award Winners

Each month developments are awarded a Site Recognition Award certificate for the quality of workmanship and site management shown.

October Winners

A2Dominion Homes Ltd / Bugler Developments Ltd

Western Avenue

Morris Homes (North) Ltd

Bartle Meadows

Morris Homes (Eastern) Limited


Musker Developments Limited / Formby Point Construction Ltd

The Pines

MH Stainton Homes Limited

Burrow Heights Meadow

Morris Homes Limited

The Beacons

Bernicia Direct Build Team

Castle Square

Bloor Homes North West

Wistaston Brook

Washington Homes Limited / Thomas Armstrong (Construction) Ltd

Woodside Park

All you need to know

Nominations are based on our scoring system, so you don't have to do anything. Our Risk Management Surveyors score a site during each inspection visit. Scores are then verified by our judges and sites that consistently achieve a high average score over a 6 month period are nominated and recognised each month with a Site Recognition Award.

All winning sites throughout the year are reviewed and further shortlisted by our judges. Shortlisted site winners are announced the following year and presented with The Bricks prestigious annual award trophy.

LABC Warranty Risk Management Surveyors are responsible for scoring a development. Scores obtained during every site inspection visit are based on the following categories:

- General Cooperation
- Health & Safety
- Site Tidiness
- Standard of Site Management*
- Quality of Workmanship*

* A higher score in these areas will have a greater impact on the average score.

We understand your reputation for building high quality homes that keep your homeowners and tenants happy is important to you. LABC Warranty can help build on your brand, showcase your work and earn the recognition you deserve.

How can winning The Bricks award benefit your business?

- Showcase the quality of your work
- Increase awareness of your brand
- Gain interest from local media/press about your award winning development
- Remain competitive in the construction industry
- Attract potential home buyers and tenants helping you to sell homes
- Boost team morale by recognising everyone involved

Winning an industry award from LABC Warranty is a great achievement and one to be proud of. We can help you to share the good news and promote your award with our press pack.

Behind the build

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