How do you choose the right cover for your social housing development?

Not all structural warranty providers offer the same level of cover, so it's important to ensure you are fully supported throughout the build process, whilst mitigating risk. 

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How we can help you to deliver quality social housing

At LABC Warranty, we work with you to meet construction deadlines and deliver quality social housing. Working with us means you can benefit from:

  • Technical support - The technical expertise and local knowledge of our highly skilled surveyors work with you to assess and solve any issues on site, identify any high risk areas in your build and create a bespoke inspection schedule tailored to the needs of your site.
  • Protection for you and your buyers - Our 'A' rated panel of insurers means our products are secure, giving us the cover and capacity to protect your project whether you are building a one off home or a multi-storey development.