Site inspection process

We aim to work with your surveyors and the builder to ensure there are no delays to the build.

Once we have been allocated a site you will receive an email introducing your LABC Warranty Risk Management Surveyor for the site.

 Initial Assessment

  • Ground conditions
  • Site exposure
  • Complexity of the design specification
  • Professional input

This plan check enables our surveyors to judge the likelihood of any problems arising as the building work progresses. The assessment is adjusted accordingly during construction to reflect the standards being adhered to.

Any parts of the site with a high level of risk will then be targeted with inspections.

Risk Based Inspections

Our surveyors will carry out site inspections throughout the build with an emphasis on the following construction stages:

  • Foundations excavations (or prior to concreting ground beams on piled sites)
  • Ground floor
  • Chamber joist
  • Roof structure
  • First fix (or pre-plaster)
  • Pre-handover

High Risk Areas

Further inspections may also be necessary for the following areas depending on the risk:

  • Basement construction and waterproofing
  • Roof covering
  • Waterproof envelope

Apartment Blocks

For apartment blocks our inspection regime would also take into account:

  • More complex foundations
  • Basements
  • Cladding
  • Fire stopping
  • Other construction areas as identified by the surveyor

Conversions and Refurbishments

For conversions and refurbishments the inspection regime will be considered on an individual basis considering the following:

  • Recommendations of the Refurbishment Assessment
  • Complexity of the scheme
  • Extent of the works

Site Inspection Report

A site inspection report will be provided to the builder each time an inspection is carried out and a copy will also be emailed to you.

If you have not been receiving these emails please let us know at and we will update our records to make sure you receive them going forward.