Site Audits

Site Audits: Overview

Our network of experienced, local Risk Management Surveyors work alongside your local Building Control Surveyor, and will additionally review developments in accordance with our technical standards.  More information on our technical standards can be found in our technical manual which is free to download.

We also work on providing joint system type pre-approval, acceptable by any local authority in England and Wales.

Where appropriate, our national team of surveyors will carry out the following checks on-site to ensure compliance with our technical standards:

  • a plan check;
  • a check of calculations;
  • a review of the historical records for the site;
  • a check on the site investigation procedures and reports;
  • a review of any remediation measures and subsequent verification procedures;
  • visits to site to check standards of construction;
  • checks on materials or components used in the construction;
  • checks that relevant guarantees and warranties required from third parties are received;
  • checks on the standard of construction.

if you have any technical questions please get in touch with our team