Sections of cover

Problems before building completion (Insolvency Cover)

If your Certificate of Insurance details insolvency Cover and your developer fails to start or complete work on your home due to their insolvency or fraud, you should contact our claims team as soon as possible.

Problems within the Defects Period

During this period the developer is responsible for rectifying any defects (which are deemed to be a failure to comply with our Technical Manual). You must report any faults to the developer in writing as soon as possible, making sure you keep a copy of this correspondence.

If you have reported these issues to your developer within the Defects Period and either:

a)     They have failed to rectify them within a reasonable time period, or;

b)     They are unable to rectify them due to their insolvency

Then we may be able to help through our conciliation service. Please note that we will only be able to assist with issues governed by our Technical Manual.

Problems within the Structural Insurance Period

Full details of your cover is contained within your Certificate of Insurance and policy document.

It is important to note that this section of the policy will not cover non-structural issues such as gutters, central heating, internal plaster finishing, fixtures and fittings etc. if you have such damage it may be more appropriate to contact your household insurer.