TM Thumbnails - 11 Roofs

Download Section 11 of our Technical Manual for roofing guidance, including ventilation in pitched roofs, tiling, slate, flat, green and blue roof constructions.

TRADA span tables

This technical article provides additional guidance on TRADA span tables. The 4th edition was published in 2014 and is referenced in Approved Document A.

Flashing systems, fake or alternative lead

The number of lead-alternative flashing products have increased and regularly used on construction sites. This article covers our warranty guidance.

Roof tiling and underlays, the new BS5534 standards-1

This technical update provides additional guidance on the 2014 and 2018 changes to BS 5534, covering the use of roof tiling and underlays.

Canopy flashing and weathering detail blog image-1

This technical update blog provides additional guidance on canopy flashings and weathering details, with references to Section 6 and 11 of our Tech Manual.

Thatched roofs in new build and conversions

This article provides additional guidance on the use of thatched roofs for detached dwellings for low-rise new builds and conversions.

GRP roofing requirements

This technical update provides additional guidance on GRP roofing requirements, including construction, acceptability and testing.

Lead neoprene joints

Here we take a closer look at the use of lead neoprene jointing to lead gutters, a popular product for use in conversions and conservation areas.

Mortar bedding ridges and hips

This technical article provides additional guidance on mortar bedded ridges and hips and the use of mechanical fixings, focusing on Marley and Redland fixes.

Blue roofs

This guidance provides information to designers, developers and surveyors to assist in meeting our warranty requirements for blue roofs.

TM Thumbnails - Appendix C

Appendix C of our Tech Manual includes information on the use and storage of a range of construction materials, including pre-formed roof trusses.

Batten space ventilation-2

This technical update provides additional guidance relating to how the batten space Functional Requirements can be satisfied.


Adopting a ‘3 lines of defence’ approach to creating robust and executable detailing at this critical area of building fabric


How the Functional Requirements in the LABC Warranty Technical Manual may be satisfied with regards timber resin repairs.

Zero roofs flat roof guidance

How to satisfy LABC Warranty's requirements for zero falls flat roofs only when the projects is managed by the Major Projects team.


A technical update about the correct methods for  installation of horizontal cavity trays over horizonal roof abutments.

balcony guidance-1

Technical guidance on the design, installation, testing, and operational requirements around balconies on major projects.

Developments within coastal locations

This update provides additional guidance relating to how developments in coastal locations can meet the requirements of our technical manual.

Vapour control layers

This technical document provides additional guidance relating to the use of vapour control layers (VCLs) in construction.

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