Peter Clelford

South East Region

Cottington Road, Cliffsend, Ramsgate

WW Martin Ltd


Number of units: 41 homes (Phase 1) and 23 homes (Phase 2)

Features: Available for rent or shared ownership via housing provider Orbit Homes

Q: How did you feel when you found out you had won the award?

A: When I found out I was shocked but also very proud. To be nominated for this award was a great feeling but to then go on to win the regional award was something I was not expecting, especially knowing that I would be up against some very strong competition.

Q: What does it mean to you personally?

A: Winning this award has given me a great sense of achievement but also confidence. To be compared to other great Site Managers within the region and to be put in the same winning category as others in the past is an amazing feeling.

Q: What does it mean for your team / business?

A: Given that the LABC awards recognise the best projects, being named as the winner helps highlight the site as an exemplar project. It is great for our business as it helps demonstrate our excellent construction practices.

I think this award also helps highlight the quality of workmanship that is being delivered on site by the team and it is testament to the excellent working relationship with everyone involved with the project including our client, Orbit Homes.

Q: What makes a good Site Manager?

A: For me, a good Site Manager is someone that can put together a team around them and manage them in such a way that the site maintains the highest standards of health and safety and successfully delivers the project targets.

As a Site Manager, you need to be able to work under pressure, with a strong commitment to maintain programme delivery and achieve the highest of standards. You also need excellent people skills to successfully manage and coordinate the many different people involved in the project.

Q: What one success in your work are you most proud of and why?

A: To answer this question in the context of this project, the delivery of the works-to-programme must be considered a real success. The project encountered significant delays at the outset because of ongoing archaeological works, resulting in a complete rethink to the phasing of the site and the strategy for which we would deliver the project.

Through careful planning and management of all professional teams, I have been able to adapt our original construction strategy and sequence to best manage the land as and when it was signed off by the archaeological officers, successfully managing the works-to-programme.

Peter Clelford for W W Martin

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