Andrew Worthington

North West Region

Beamish Place, Sandymoor, Runcorn

Bloor Homes


Number of units: 187

Features: Including detached, semi-detached and mews-style 3 and 4-bedroom homes

Q: How did you feel when you found out you had won the award?

A: I felt overwhelmed when I learned the news! I'm really happy that all the team's hard work and efforts has been recognised.

Q: What does it mean to you personally?

A: I am really proud and delighted to receive an LABC Warranty award, and for being recognised for building quality homes.

Q: What does it mean for your team / business?

A: For the team, this is recognition for the all hard work and for producing continuous quality. For the business it helps strengthen Bloor Homes' reputation as a quality house builder.

Q: What makes a good Site Manager?

A: Being a team player, organised and a good communicator is key, as is forward-thinking and having a good eye for detail.

Q: What one success in your work are you most proud of and why?

A: Quality – giving customers consistently good quality houses that both myself and the company are proud to hand over, and our customers are excited to call home! Being recognised by LABC Warranty for this commitment to quality is a massive achievement, and makes me very proud.

Andrew Worthington, Bloor Homes

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