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New Home: How do I get a quote?

To apply for our New Homes Warranty cover simply call our dedicated team on 0845 307 3646

Alternatively you can download our application form (please save a copy before entering your details).

You don't have to complete any additional forms for registration and only need to complete the sections relevant to your new build project.

Can I get an indication over the phone?

Yes. Contact our team on 0845 307 3646, who will be happy to provide you with a quote indication over the telephone. If you'd rather we call you, complete this form and we will contact you with an estimate of the warranty cost.

How much will a new home warranty cost?

There are three main elements that will affect the cost of your warranty:

  • Your Developer rating which is based on construction experience and claims history.
  • Your financial strength or rating.
  • The size of your development and total sale price for all new home units.

Is there a fee to register with LABC Warranty?
Find out more about Developer and Builder registration.

For more information check out our FAQs.

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