With temperatures plummeting we take a look at our technical requirements for working with concrete and masonry in cold weather.


  • Ready Mixed Concrete – should not drop below 5°C. You should also ensure that ‘immature’ concrete is prevented from freezing before sufficient strength has been achieved.
  • Site Mixed Concrete – Site mixing of concrete is acceptable in temperatures as low as 2°C, provided the ground is not frozen and the concrete is protected during curing.

Curing of concrete

Low temperatures can lead to longer curing periods, during which it is important to prevent freezing by adequate protection. In extreme cases heating may be required.


When working with masonry temperatures should not fall below 2°C.

Protection of Masonry

Any new walls or masonry construction requires protection from frost where temperatures are expected to drop below acceptable working temperatures. This protection can be achieved with polythene or hessian, in very lower temperatures insulation board or even heating may be required.

You can learn more about working in cold conditions in Chapter 2 of our Technical Manual.


By Craig Ross

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