Where Do Land Developers Get The Best Return On Investment?

A key constraint of the house building industry is the availability of suitable land. The potential to accumulate positive return on investment relies not only on the cost of land purchase but the potential sales value of the development itself.

With house prices varying significantly across England, the potential for positive ROI through housing developments can also shift depending on location. With this in mind, LABC Warranty has conducted an in-depth study into which areas of England have the greatest variance between land prices and possible profit.

By carrying out a study which compares the cost of land and house prices for each region and county in England, LABC Warranty has created an eBook detailing where land developers a more likely to achieve a positive ROI.

So, what did we find? 

Although statistics don't account for the regional differences in build cost, the top three counties that offer the best potential for return on investment are as follows:

  1. Bedfordshire (353.33%)
  2. Warwickshire (219%)
  3. Greater Manchester (185.71%)

Interested to read about the rest of findings? Download our eBook today for the full results!

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