Update 1st July 2020

Throughout the Covid-19 restrictions we have asked that you email us your details with requests for either our virtual/remote inspection service or to arrange attendance on site. As we make our phased return to work we are pleased to announce that as of 1st July 2020 we will be able to service all inspection support and requests by phone. 

Therefore, from and including 1st July we request that your inspection requests are made by calling our Head Office on 0800 183 1755. 

Emails after this date will no longer be monitored. 

Our support staff are here to take your calls, details of your site inspection request and relay this information to our technical teams. 

We will continue to service all email requests received prior to 1st July. If you have previously submitted a request this will already be in-hand. 

Thank you for your continued support and patience during these times. 

Inspection Support Service Details

In support of our phased return to physical onsite inspections, we are taking this opportunity to use new technology to supplement our working practices and provide a ‘virtual inspection’ service. This enables us to see what is happening on site first hand as well as supporting social distancing work practices. Providing more flexible technical support solutions to our clients as site progress continues.

Using Skype or Microsoft Teams Meetings, we will be able to successfully conduct virtual site inspections via video call where practicable. This option also removes the need for any additional paperwork to be completed. Using this software means that inspections can also be recorded and shared with you for audit purposes and allows our technical staff to document the progression of your site more efficiently.

To request onsite inspection support please call us on 0800 183 1755 with your site reference number and details of the support you require where we will work with you to determine the most appropriate service meet your current needs.

Please ensure for all final requests you continue to include plot / unit numbers and the proposed legal completion date for those plots/ units. If you struggle with 4G coverage on site please notify us accordingly as this will be required for this service.

We appreciate the patience and understanding our clients have shown us during these difficult times. We are doing all we can to provide the best possible service and support both quickly and safely.

Please Note: Every care was taken to ensure the information in this article was correct at the time of publication. Any written guidance provided does not replace the reader’s professional judgement and any construction project should comply with the relevant Building Regulations or applicable technical standards. However, for the most up to date technical guidance please refer to your Risk Management Surveyor and the latest version of our technical manual.

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