Case Study -  Heritage Developments SW Ltd

Heritage Developments have been one of the most successful developers in the history of our awards, The Bricks. In the second of our winner’s series we learn what sets them apart…

Company Background

Heritage Homes has been trading for approximately 14 years, building exceptional, luxury homes in Devon. Whether it’s a large contemporary detached house, a character cottage or a stylish apartment, all their homes are finished to the same exacting standards of workmanship. Using proven building techniques and a meticulous attention to detail are the hallmarks of every Heritage home.

The first phase of their impressive award winning development, The Chasse consists of individually designed contemporary homes, coupled with the latest high levels of eco-friendly insulation and low carbon technology.

What’s the key to Heritage Developments’ award success?

Each Heritage Home is conceived and constructed with proven dedication, expertise and meticulous attention to the finer details they know matter so much to their buyers.  All this, of course, must come hand in hand with the very highest environmental standards they’ve become synonymous with. 

“We put the people who will live in a Heritage Home at the very heart of our creation from the very start of the design process ensuring that their home is a timeless statement of quality and craftsmanship.  Such quality and finesse is only possible with a dedication to using the highest specification materials and using only the best craftsmen and installers.  We pride ourselves in exceeding our buyers’ expectations.

Winning The Bricks for us has added value to every aspect of what we do. It’s helped us in terms of our reputation, it has affirmed for everybody who deals with us that the quality we put is genuine. Its added value for our customers. We’ve had editorials in the local press, we’ve had advertising.

People want to buy quality. When they see a national award awarded to a site they’re interested in, they’re going to be more interested in those properties because they don’t have to worry about the standards they’re built to.”

The partnership between LABC Warranty and Heritage Developments

"We choose to work with LABC Warranty because the entire process from quotation through to the issue of the completion certificate and warranty is professional, informative, expedient and reliable.

We find LABC Warranty to be extremely technically capable but equally very approachable when dealing with any design complexities or practical difficulties on our developments.

LABC Warranty has been a breath of fresh air. The inspectors are helpful, they’re pragmatic, they pick up on the important things and they’re always there for advice and support if we ask for it.

We believe that it is a symbiotic relationship, they understand that we are delivering quality homes and they support our progress towards our continuous drive to improve construction standards on site."


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