In this spot the defect challenge we take a look at a patio door opening. Can you spot what’s wrong? 

Are you ready to see if you identified the defects?

Time to reveal the answers...

  1. Damp proof course (DPC) is missing and needs to be added to the outer leaf and made continuous with the external brickwork DPC. If left like this, water will track underneath the door.
  2. The damp proof membrane (DPM) has been cut too short to extend across the cavity and form a continuous link with the DPC to the door threshold.
  3. The perimeter insulation is also missing. It’s only just visible where the floor meets the internal blockwork but this should have been continued all around the reveal and between the floor slab and external brickwork to prevent a cold bridge. 

For more information on installing DPC and DPM refer to chapter 6 of our Technical Manual.

By Olivia Catterall

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