More than half of new home buyers would recommend their builder – New Homes Review results

The very first results from The New Homes Review (NHR) have now been published. They provide an interesting insight into the problems faced by home builders and buyers – we delve deeper to understand more.

Two sides of the story

In the survey conducted between Nov 2016 and May 2017, it was revealed that 87% of new build homeowners had problems which required further work after their home was considered habitable. Of those whose properties suffered from issues, 55% saw more than 10 snags and over a quarter (27%) remain unresolved.

This caused around 26% of new build property owners to express dissatisfaction with their builder and to suggest they wouldn’t recommend them. 

On the other side of the coin, 60% of respondents to the survey indicated that they were largely positive about the standard of finish on their build.

NHR results graphsWe regularly hear horror stories about nightmare builders and new build developments that are not fit for purpose - it’s been a particular issue in the press this year - but clearly not all developers are the same. While the complaints we hear from our members show developers of all sizes, from major brands to smaller names, have been guilty of delivering poor quality homes it’s clear there are some good firms operating in the market too. 

It’s essential to research the developer before buying a new build. Look at their previous work, check what is said about them in online forums and never rely solely on their marketing materials - take what they say in their brochures with a very large pinch of salt.”

Paula Higgins, CEO of Homeowners Alliance

Further details of the results can be seen below:

“This survey reveals two sides to the home build process. Close to 70% of owners are happy with their property, once it is complete, but sadly getting to the ‘complete’ stage causes issues. The main comments received relate to snags and the property being dirty and not cleaned before they moved in, which are relatively easy to remedy.
This survey also highlights the importance of getting a warranty on your property. It is pleasing that close to 60% of respondents gave the importance of a warranty a score of 10 out of 10. Only 7% said they had no knowledge of the warranty. .”
Kate Hughes, New Homes Review


About the New Homes Review

Launched in November 2016, The New Homes Review (NHR) was established to provide independent feedback on the level of customer satisfaction, knowledge of the process and quality of new homes being built for sale in the UK. Feedback is obtained through an on-line survey  

The New Homes Review was launched in response to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment’s report and recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry into the quality and workmanship of new housing in England.

The results will form the basis of an annual NHR rating for and will be shared with builders and developers as a measure of customer satisfaction.

Further details about the NHR can be found here.


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