More new features added to our online customer portal

Since its launch in late 2019, our customer Extranet portal has been used by hundreds of builders and developers to manage warranty actions for thousands of plots and units, all through a single digital dashboard.

We have regularly added new features and sought to make it as intuitive and user friendly as possible, continually listening to your feedback.

Here we summarise some of the new features we have added since launch, including the latest added in January 2021.

Scroll down to read more about this latest update if you are a regular Extranet user. Otherwise, here is a recap on what the LABC Warranty Extranet offers our customers.

LABC Warranty Extranet: what does it do?

Our Extranet portal has been built to allow customers who are building more than one unit a single place to manage all their warranty actions. You can access the Extranet through your browser, enter information, read incoming messages and upload files, all in a secure environment.

Instead of juggling paperwork or searching email folders, you can log in and gain quick and easy access to live site information, required warranty actions and reports, wherever you are working from. All you need is a computer or tablet and an internet connection.

Here are some of the actions you can perform:

  • View and respond to conditions/actions and follow progress via a ‘WhatsApp’-style conversation for a complete audit trail
  • Filter plot-related urgent actions to help you prioritise work
  • Print your own certificates to speed up the sign-off process, or see at-a-glance what you need to do for certificates to be available
  • Apply for quotes more quickly with our intelligent application system and a faster, three-day quote turnaround
  • View technical documents you have submitted to us or we have shared with you
  • Export all outstanding technical and non-technical actions into Excel for sharing with your teams
  • View, add or update any individual office or employee details and grant Extranet access
  • View outstanding payment information and store all financial documents in one convenient place
  • View and download site inspection details

Some customers with multiple sites and developments can also access our developer reports. These provide a snapshot of site quality, covering areas such as workmanship standards, site management and tidiness. It gives builders and developers the ability to compare performance across all regional, offices and sites, to help identify under performance or share best practice.

LABC Warranty uses this data to reward best performing sites with our monthly Site Recognition Awards.

New: update plot addresses and confirmed sale price amounts

Previously, if you wanted to make changes to plot addresses or sales prices, you had to call us with the information so that we could update the details for you.

Now you can change these details yourself inside your Extranet account.

Simply navigate to the relevant site, call up the plot details and edit. You can carry on working while the system processes and updates the information for you.

If your order details need to change based on the information you provide, the process is automatically handled for you and updated order details will appear in your Extranet account in due course.

Now update plot sales prices in the Extranet

You can click on relevant address cells and confirmed Sale Price cells you wish to change. You can do this for one or more plots at any time providing a certificate of insurance has not been issued for the plot or plots being changed.

What else is coming in 2021?

We are always seeking to improve the Extranet and make it as useful and as simple to use as possible. Part of our work includes new features which we expect to be adding through 2021.

If you are already using the Extranet, you will be notified of these updates as and when they are made available.

Log into your Extranet account here to try the new features

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