LABC Warranty Technical Focus: driving quality in the construction sector

Every month, LABC Warranty risk management surveyors carry out thousands of site inspections, helping to maintain high standards in new-build construction and keep projects across England and Wales on track.

Working alongside LABC building control surveyors who ensure you adhere to building regulations, we offer advice and guidance on meeting the functional requirements for our structural warranty cover.

As well as checking for potential defects and noting good practice, our regular inspections provide the perfect opportunity for our knowledgeable surveyors to help site managers, their staff and sub-contractors deliver high standards of construction in low-rise developments.

That’s why each month our surveyors pay particular attention to a typical stage in the build – the LABC Warranty Technical Focus - and work with you to reduce even further the potential for defects, and costly disputes that can arise from them.

Every stage of your build is covered, every year

Based on half-year and year-end site completions, our Technical Focus provides a programme of informal, on-site learning through the calendar year for low-rise developments.

Click the image and save a PDF copy of our 2021 Technical Focus programme.

LABC Warranty Technical Focus Calendar

This focus on build stages will be combined with your normal inspection regime, so there will be no “extra work” or interruption to your schedule.

The aim of Technical Focus is to help you reduce the potential for claims and disputes that you may have with homeowners. In turn, this will help improve your quality rating which you can use in your marketing to attract more customers.

And of course, your high-quality, low/no-claim projects will feed into our underwriting rating with us, with the potential for lower premiums.

To find out more, speak to your risk management surveyor.

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Please Note: Every care was taken to ensure the information in this article was correct at the time of publication. Any written guidance provided does not replace the reader’s professional judgement and any construction project should comply with the relevant Building Regulations or applicable technical standards. However, for the most up to date LABC Warranty technical guidance please refer to your Risk Management Surveyor and the latest version of the LABC Warranty technical manual.

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