Judging the Bricks. Step 7: Superstructure

One of our marking categories for The Bricks is the superstructure, within this category we are considering:

  • External fabric of the building
  • Load bearing walls and separating walls
  • Cavities, DPC’s & insulation
  • Chimneys & flues
  • Intermediate floors
  • Lintels, beams & other structural elements

Mike Swatton, our Head Judge, goes into more detail on what he looks out for when judging the superstructure below.


"One of the elements we judge in the Bricks is superstructure. We judge right across the brickwork and the blockwork from DPC ground floor level to the top of the gable.

That area of the build is in build for a number of weeks so we can see plenty of work. We’re reviewing the bonding of the brickwork, the gauge of the brickwork, ensuring the joints are full with mortar and the cavity is clear and wall ties are correctly positioned in the right places down by reveals. Above the windows we check lintels are placed with good bearings and above the lintels there’s a correctly installed DPC tray with weep holes and stop ends to prevent any water from penetrating the structure."

Best Practice

Chapter 7 of our Technical Manual goes into detail on Superstructure. Download chapter 7 to review our technical guidance for Superstructure.

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