Judging the Bricks. Step 1: Organisation 

Our annual awards, The Bricks, celebrate excellence in the construction industry by recognising quality built developments that stand out from the crowd. But what are our judges looking for when they inspect? What is it that makes a development a Bricks Award winner? In the first of this series of blogs, we aim to answer those questions and give you an insight of just what you need to do to be in with a chance to win at The Bricks.

One of the fundamental things you need to get right on site to win at The Bricks is good organisation and planning. This is the foundation to everything else you need to do and will make all those extra steps more streamlined and less all consuming.

Amongst other things, when judging sites on organisation our judges take into account:

  • Site admin
  • Availability of plans and design details
  • Health and safety welfare facilities
  • Storage and protection of materials and waste control
  • Protection of work in progress
  • Site tidiness

Below our Head Judge, Mike Swatton goes into more detail on why organisation is so crucial in a build, especially if you’re hoping for it to be award winning.

“Quality isn’t often achieved without good planning and organisational skills; site administration is important. It requires a different skillset from the Site Manager, making sure they have drawings and details available, so we can check that what’s being done on site, is being done correctly. Health and safety on site, good planning, site tidiness is also key and there needs to be a culture on site whereby the tradesmen buy into quality and endeavour to get it right the first time.”

You can learn more about the Bricks, including details of previous winners, highlight videos and award categories by clicking here.

At LABC Warranty we’re always looking for ways to help support our developers with their organisation on site. Towards this goal, we’ve published a series of checklists and flowcharts to help ensure you’re ticking all the boxes when it comes to things like brickwork, level thresholds and similar.

Level Threshold Checklist
Guide to Laying Bricks and Blocks Checklist
Cavity Trays and Weep Holes Checklist
Planning Process Flowchart

Please remember that more information on all of the above can be found in our Technical Manual or by talking to your LABC Warranty Surveyor. Download the Technical Manual


Please Note: Every care was taken to ensure the information in this article was correct at the time of publication. Any written guidance provided does not replace the reader’s professional judgement and any construction project should comply with the relevant Building Regulations or applicable technical standards. However, for the most up to date LABC Warranty technical guidance please refer to your Risk Management Surveyor and the latest version of the LABC Warranty technical manual.


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