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Paul Vasey

Allison Homes ltd

Harriers Rest, Wittering, Cambridgeshire 

Number of units:

A mix of 190 social housing and open market homes.



A charming selection of three, four and five-bedroom homes nestled in the village of Wittering.

How did you feel when you found out you had won the award?

When I was notified of the win I was shocked and surprised, it came through as an email and I read it several times as it didn’t make sense at first and took time to sink in.

What does it mean to you personally?

This for me personally it is huge! It has helped pave the way for my recent promotion to Construction Manager and is something I have always strived for as I am very awards-driven.


What does it mean for your team/business?

This from a business perspective is a massive achievement as collectively winning awards is the trajectory we are pursuing. Winning these awards dovetails into building desirable developments and communities which is great for reputation.


Have you faced and overcome any challenges in 2023?

There were several constraints throughout 2023 including weather, longer lead times with our supply chain and the current market not being as aggressive as previous years.

These were successfully navigated by working weekends if needed, up-to-date information and support from Allison Homes and generally being nimble-footed to allow me to proceed with building during testing times. 


What one success in your work are you most proud of and why?

Building a team from scratch at the start of the development that deploys the same work ethic motivated for quality whilst also maintaining a high level of chemistry and comradery. 
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